Best Movie Quotes from 21 Jump Street

Brie Larson and Jonah Hill
(Johnny Depp) Tom Hanson: [pointing gun at Schmidt and Jenko] Goddamn it! Tom Hanson, DEA!
[pointing gun at Domingo]
Tom Hanson: On your knees! Now!
(Peter Deluise) Officer Doug Penhall: Fuck! Doug Penhall, DEA! You're under arrest!
(DeRay Davis) Domingo: What the...
Officer Doug Penhall: Put your guns on the ground!
(Jonah Hill) Schmidt: Yes! Yes!
Tom Hanson: Shut the fuck up! You dweebs just ruined a five year investigation!
Schmidt: We had no idea, you're like, an amazing actor, man.
Domingo: You played saxophone at my sister's wedding, man!
Tom Hanson: Tough titty, I fucked her too!
Domingo: What?
Tom Hanson: You little turds. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to infiltrate a gang like this? You see this nose? This is a fake nose. You want to wear a fake nose on your fucking head? For, like, months on end!
Schmidt: There are worse things in the world.
Tom Hanson: We had to get fucking tattoos on our dicks, man!
Officer Doug Penhall: Actually, I just said that to mess with you.
Tom Hanson: What?
Officer Doug Penhall: It looks tough.
(Channing Tatum )Jenko: Hey, man, look we know what its like being undercover. Metro Police, Jump Street division.
Tom Hanson: You're with the Jump Street? That's funny, because we were actually Jump Street.
 Jenko: What? That's crazy, man!
Tom Hanson: Yeah!

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